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Tim's Missouri Employment Law
By Attorney Tim Willoughby
St. Louis Missouri employment lawyer
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Missouri Employment Law Info
Being built up since 2002

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TIP: In Windows, use ctrl and + to increase the font size. I know some of my links are small. I try to cram too much on this page.

Employment law is full of traps.
Here are some that ruin many cases:

  • “Screw you a–holes, I’m quitting!” - You’re upset, so you resign. Now you have THREE problems: 1) You’re upset, 2) You’re unemployed, and 3) You may have greatly weakened or even destroyed your potential case. See my article on Constructive Discharge for more info. — Get legal advice before you resign, please.
  • Complaints are a Catch-22 - Both what you say and also what you don’t say will be used against you in court. When people complain to their employers, or file complaints with government agencies, they often greatly weaken their potential cases by saying too much of the wrong stuff and not enough of the right stuff. See my article on Making complaints for more info. — Get legal advice before making complaints, please, to make sure you say the right things.

Raising awareness in Missouri:

The info on this site is directed at the people of Missouri, to raise their awareness about many aspects of their Missouri Employee Rights, and about employment law in general.

Some people with Missouri-based issues, who are outside of Missouri, could possibly benefit from some of the info here, but be especially cautious, and get legal advice.

Employment law is complex and is different everywhere. This site focuses on my view of how employment law tends to work in Missouri (no promises!), and touches a bit on how the Eighth Federal Circuit might do things. is for Missouri-related problems only, please, and here’s more info about that..

So let your awareness be raised, and then go see a lawyer and get some actual legal advice about what you should do in your specific circumstances. Caution: General legal info is not a substitute for legal advice. Here’s why

Don’t jump to conclusions - Call lawyers:

Please don’t read this site and then say “I don’t have a case.” If you do that, you may be doing yourself a disservice.

Call a lawyer and let a lawyer determine whether a legal theory might be available to you. If the first lawyer can’t help you, call another lawyer. Many people talk to several lawyers before they find one who can help them.

I have a page explaining What a Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyer is and how to find one. I guarantee that other lawyers will disagree with me about some of the info and opinions I present on this site.


Tim’s Employment Law Services:

Tim’s job-seekers page:

Tips and Links to great sources of information about private and public sector employment opportunities and occupational prospects for the St. Louis area, Missouri, and the Federal Government: Tips and Links for job seekers. Check it out. People tell me they didn’t realize so much info was available on the web.


Tim's Missouri Employment Law
is by Attorney Tim Willoughby

Tim is a St. Louis Missouri employment lawyer and a member of the National Employment Lawyers Association (NELA). Visit and the Missouri Bar Website (see the directory of lawyers).

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