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Here is evidence that the Republican politicians are coming after your employee rights, everywhere, all the time.
On April 5, 2012, the Wisconsin Republican Governor repealed its Equal Pay Act, that mandated men and women be paid the same for the same work.

Your employee rights are being attacked all the time, usually under the radar and behind the scenes, and the attackers are Republicans. — I’m sorry if you are a Republican and I have hurt your feelings, but face the truth — Is it better to have More employee rights or Less employee rights? Vote Republican for fewer employee rights, but that is not My preference, as you might imagine.

Since we are Legislatively controlled by Republicans in Missouri, and Missouri Republicans in the Legislature have been relentlessly and aggressively trying to destroy our employee rights, I think the Wisconsin issue is worthy of comment.

Of course this news is not directly Missouri-related, but I believe Missouri is part of the same National plan as the Wisconsin Republicans are following, and so it is relevant.

Wisconsin is the state that has been in the news because the Republican Governor there is so opposed to unions. The people of Wisconsin are trying to hold a recall election to throw him out.

But what is really going on in Wisconsin, in attacking unions, and repealing their Equal Pay law, that protects women, mirrors what is going on in the Missouri Legislature in a very real sense.

The “family-friendly” Republicans are trying their hardest to destroy our employee rights in Missouri.— Face it —> Your Republicans are NOT for you — stop being duped.

The Wisconsin union issues, and now the “Equal Pay” repeal tell me some things about where the Republicans might be headed, for their next big issue, but this issue is kind of more secret.

These Republicans are apparently running plays from the National Republican playbook — Attacking employee rights might be becoming an important issue on a National-level, and we are seeing the start of it, state by state.

Friends, the Republican Party has a new National agenda of eroding employee rights. Why? They are coming after your employee rights very aggressively in Missouri as well, trust me.

Employment lawyers are trying hard to keep these backward-thinking dinosaurs at bay.

Just yesterday, April 10, 2012, two of my colleagues went to our Republican Missouri Capitol and testified before a Republican Senate Committee that wants to repeal or weaken important whistleblower protections. My colleagues were, of course, opposing the changes the Legislature was proposing.

It is inconceivable how a state like Wisconsin could repeal its Equal Pay Act. And it is inconceivable that Missouri wants to weaken the puny whistleblower protections that we have.

Does it sound like Republicans might be the enemies of working people? I would say yes. What would you say? — Use evidence, as would a judge.

I wonder, Who would be better poised to make such a harsh judgment, that Republicans have become the enemies of working people, someone who works within the system, or someone who does Not work within the system, like you? Decide for yourself, or bury your head in the sand, while the rest of us try to look out for your rights, and we try to fend off these right-wing wackoids that you guys voted for.

Recently, I attended a ceremony where our Democratic Governor (thank God) vetoed a nasty law that the Republicans passed that could have seriously harmed our employee rights.— The Republicans are relentlessly attacking our employee rights — This is a real National phenomenon, and it is being kept semi-secret.

I say “semi-secret” because the Republican politicians are not out in front loudly talking about “weakening employee rights”, like they do when they complain about banning birth control, etc. But the phenomenon of Republicans trying to weaken employee rights is real, and there seems to even be a National strategy to weaken employee rights for some reason.

I will not provide a link to the Wisconsin story, because news sites move their stories around all the time, and the link would break immediately. Go to Google and type in “Wisconsin Equal Pay”. You will learn all you need to know.

Your “family-friendly” Republicans have a National agenda to hurt your family. I wonder who is behind all of this?

Article written by | Tim Willoughby

***** END OF ARTICLE ***** Missouri Employment Law

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