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Whew! Finally after a year of trying, I’ve figured out how to code to be a database driven PHP site. This allows some useful new features

[update] I launched the recoded site in 2006. After a year, I’ve not had any significant problems (knock on wood!). Now back to the original article ……………

This is a beta version of my website. I’m converting it from old fashioned html to new fashioned database-driven PHP. PHP allows for some cool new features, to make the site much more useful and easier to use (in theory).

I’m using the WordPress content management system. WordPress is better known as one of the best open source blogging packages around. But it’s really a lightweight content management system.

Here are a few examples of some new features:

  • Click a “Printable Version” link at the top of each article, to get a nice clean printout. This has been the MOST requested feature.
  • [Update – I WAS going to allow comments on the articles, like you see on a lot of blogs. But I had to cancel the new commenting feature due to too many overly-personal comments about people’s situations]
  • See Related Articles with a click of a keyword, at the top of each article.
  • Much improved SEARCH, without the intrusive involvement of a third party company that puts Ads in the search results.
  • Much easier maintenance, generally. However, there’s also a much greater risk of catastrophic website failure since the articles are being stored in a database rather than in individual HTML files.

Read about my struggles in re-coding the site

On my political blog, which I also coded in WordPress as a training ground for the TimsLaw recode, I have a section devoted to writing about WordPress. When I started the recode, I started writing about it it some detail.

Converting a business website from HTML to WordPress.

NOTES about the recoded – Glitches and things to do

  • SEARCH RESULTS: Search Results are limited to 20 as I write this. Programming note: I’m testing the “SEM Search Reloaded” plugin to generate more relevant search results, but I’m letting a normal WordPress Loop handle the display. I cannot get pagination of results noway nohow, whether thru SEM Search’s display feature, or thru the WordPress Loop. Search results are therefore limited to the setting of “Posts Per Page” in Admin, and they display on a single page. Sorry, things aren’t working perfectly yet.
  • CATEGORIES and the NEW SITEMAP: The new Sitemap will list all articles under each internal “category”, but if you click on a category-link to display JUST the articles in that category, you might not see a listing of all the same articles that appeared in the sitemap. You might have to click the Next or Previous links at the top of the page to see the rest of the articles.
  • BROKEN INTERNAL LINKS: Some of the interlinking between the articles might not have survived the conversion from HTML files to WordPress PHP database format. So don’t be shocked if you click a link in an article and you get a “404” Error (Page not Found). Just do a Search for the article’s name, and you should find it. Then send me a FeedBack email please, so I can fix the glitch.
  • WIERDNESS: Due to deficiencies in my ability to write PHP code, you might see some inexplicable wierdness.
  • DELAYS: is on a “shared virtual server”. This means that my website is sharing computer time with other websites. Sometimes those other websites will get VERY busy, kind of like an old fashioned party line, and my website’s performance will suffer. The problem was not very noticeable on my old HTML website. But the new website makes accesses to a Database, and requires much more “computer” time to process a page, so you’re going to see a slower site sometimes. I’m considering upgrading my webserver package to give me better service. I’m watching for your complaints about the site’s performance.
  • BROKEN WEBSITE! – Yes, I’m going to break the website sometimes, as I try out a piece of new PHP code, when the code has a bug in it. PHP has a funny thing about it: When it encounters a bug, it breaks the website completely and displays a white screen with an error message. When I see the error, I have to restore the old code from my emergency backup. At any given instant, during the introduction of new code, you might see something bad happen. Usually, I’ll catch my own error right away and fix it. It’s real rare that I would make a coding change without testing it immediately. In the old days, when I’d mess up an HTML file, only that ONE article would be affected. But now, the entire website crashes!

***** END OF ARTICLE ***** Missouri Employment Law

Maintained by Attorney Phil Willoughby
Founded by Tim Willoughby, Esq. (1959-2013)

Phil is a Missouri employment lawyer who is licensed to practice in Kansas and Missouri, and primarily takes cases in Saint Louis and Kansas City. He is a member of the Missouri Bar Association and Kansas Bar Association. Additionally, he has practiced in the United States Federal Courts of Missouri in St. Louis and Kansas City. He has also practiced in the Kansas Federal District Court in Kansas City, Kansas.

Missouri Bar Website (To view the directory of lawyers).

Phil Willoughby, Attorney
Licensed in Missouri and Kansas

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