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Several ways to get a blank Service Letter Request Form

NOTE: If you came to this page without reading my Service Letter article, please read it now.

If you came here without reading my Service Letter Instructions article, please read it now.

I have provided several ways for you to get a blank form. The best way is probably to download a text-only version of the form and then print it out. That way produces the cleanest copy. You can try printing the form from within your web browser, but browsers add extra text as headers and footers, and sometimes garble the print job. Some web browsers will not let you download files, due to high security settings. If one Option below doesn’t work for you, try another.

OPTION 1 – Download a blank form: Click on this link, to get the form called “serviceltrform.rtf”. To print the form after you’ve downloaded it, load it into Windows Wordpad or your favorite word processor and press the Print icon, or click File, then click Print. Or you could Right Click on the filename (after downloading) and you’ll probably see an option to Print it without even having to load it into a word processor. To get the PDF version: Click on this link, to get the form called “serviceltrform.pdf”.

OPTION 2 – Try to print the form without loading it into your word processor or your web browser. In some web browsers, you can Right-Click on the filename and select “Print Target”. This means that your browser will try to Print the form without the need for you to go through the trouble of downloading it first. Try it and see if it works for you. Right Click here to try to print the file “serviceltrform.txt”. To try to print the PDF version: Right-Click on this link, to try to print the file called “serviceltrform.pdf”.

OPTION 3 – Load the pure text file into your web browser: Left-Click on this link, which will load the file “serviceltrform.txt” into most browsers (opens in new window). Please see the instructions below for Printing from your browser.

OPTION 4 – Load a web-based blank Request Form into your web browser: Left-Click this link to see a special web-browser version of the Blank Request Form (opens in new window). Please see the instructions below for how to Print the Web Browser version of the request form.

OPTION 5 – At the bottom of this page, you should be able to see a template of what the blank service letter request form should look like. If all else fails, you could just re-type the words I used in the template at the bottom of the page.

OPTION 6 – If you’ve tried and failed to get my blank form, I’m sorry about that. I hope you take a moment to let me know of your problem by clicking this email link: Report a problem with the Service Letter Page.


These instructions assume that you have already loaded the Request Form into a new browser window, and you are just trying to figure out how to Print the form. See the Options above for how to get a form into your web browser.

You want the Service Letter Request to be as clean as possible, to try to eliminate any chance that the employer can argue he did not understand your request, or that your request was invalid for some highly technical reason. Accordingly, try to send a Request that is as clean and uncluttered as possible. That means you might have to do some work to clean up this form after you print it, if you print it from your web browser. Read carefully for some tips on how to Cut and Paste the form into a word processor, because Cutting and Pasting into a word processor will help you get a clean form.

While you are looking at the Request Form displayed in your browser window, look in the browser’s menu at the top of the same screen, and click on File, then Print (or click the Print icon if your browser has one). This should cause the form to print out. Depending on your browser, your browser might choose to also put extra text into the form, or even garble the form.

ALTERNATIVE PRINTING METHOD – CUTTING AND PASTING INTO A WORD PROCESSOR – Try “Cutting and Pasting” the form into a word processor: While you are looking at the Request Form displayed in your browser window, in Internet Explorer’s menu at the top of your screen click Edit, then click Select-All, then again click Edit, then click Copy. Now open your Notepad or Wordpad program or whatever word processor you use, and then hold down Ctrl-V to paste the text into your word processor. [Alternative pasting method: once you’ve Copied the text, then go to your word processor and click Edit and then click Paste]. After pasting the text into your word processor, you can then Print from your word processor.

SPECIAL NOTE for Java programmers: I could probably use Java code to provide a Print Button that would produce a clean copy of this form that would print in a web browser without any headers or footers, but I don’t know anything about Java coding. Maybe one day I’ll try to find a code snippet on the web and add a Java print feature. For now, the above print methods are the best I can do. If you have a code snippet that might work, would you mind letting me use it?

FYI – My blank request form should look something like the following template upon being printed:

Request for a Letter of Dismissal
(also known as a “Service Letter”)
under Missouri Statute 290.140









Subj: Request for a letter of dismissal (service letter) under Missouri Statute 290.140



I am a former employee. Please provide me with
a Letter of Dismissal (also known as a “service letter”)
in accordance with Missouri Statute 290.140 (RSMo Section 290.140).



My name is:    



My current address is:    









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